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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ramblings on my Mid-Week Makes - PART 2

On Wednesday 21st May 2014, I was in the process of making a circular granny crocheted cushion cover, which is a little different to the traditional granny, as there is an additional row in between your trebles. 

 This is a new Stylecraft pattern where you can make a square or round version. I also used Stylecraft Classique Cotton, which comes in an array of beautiful colours, so rather than be conventional and use what they say in the pattern, I decided to use all the colours and this is the result. I like it! 

 Finished cushion. 

The next make, is to be part of my new window display.  I try to change my window display following the seasons, I like to keep to a theme and make as much in the window as I possibly can, hence why I maybe do it seasonally. I am busy crocheting and making little summery creations and all being well I will be displaying my makes in the next couple of weeks. 

The daisy hearts are a pattern from Ravelry, which is for a dishcloth!! Ooh makes me go a bit hot to think my beloved crochet is being used to wipe my kitchen sides down!! The little roundy yellow and black thingy which looks a bit like a cork at the min, is eventually going to be a bee and is my own pattern.

A bit more crocheting for this weeks makes in the midst whereby I started a favourite pattern of mine the good ole 'Granny Stripe', the reasons for my love of this is due to the fact that I love the array of colours that can be used, how big my blanket will be? Shall I stop or just keep going, and going?  Then the decisions upon what edgings to do, oooh decisions, decisions cluster, lace, bobble, stripy?  I usually decide once the blanket is finished, every colour scheme quite rightly deserves a different edging.  

Hope you have enjoyed, keep crafty xx 

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  1. Another I did for Stylecraft..love to see the shop window? X