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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ramblings on 'Mid-Week Makes', !!WARNING!! PART 1 OF 2

Thought that I would have a ramble on about my past and present mid-week makes, (I must warn this will be in two parts) to keep you up to speed and then hopefully do this on a weekly basis. For those who do not follow me on facebook, every week I have what is called ‘mid-week makes’. Every Wednesday I show my 'makes in the midst', hence the name. Then the plan is that on a Friday, I show my finished makes which is called ‘Finished Friday’. The point of this was to hopefully give me a little kick up the rear end to finish my makes a little speedier. It does work in principle, however as you know “Rome was not built in a couple of days”, and some makes take longer than others.

I am quite passionate about patchwork, I just love material and love having a stash of it too. Women love a stash, I hear it through my knit and natter groups. Us crafty folk love a good ole stash, whether it be yarn, material, threads, other crafty materials and things. My Mum has a pantry where she stashes essentials such as; toilet rolls, toothpaste, biscuits, chocolate, cakes, tins of foods, soap, washing powder and cleaning products. We call it her shop, you know that if you ever run out of something, we know that my mum will have one in her shop!! Crafty people are the same, I am sure when I say this that you may be the same. I admit it, I hide my stash especially from my husband, sure he knows though!  
A bit of my material stash, I am willing to share! 

In my stash I have material that I think is too pretty to use, so it has sat there in my special stash box for a good few years!! In my head I am awaiting that special project to then use it, which I know may never come! Never right!! 

Anyway back to what I came to talk about, my mid-week makes. I have had this rippling blanket of loveliness on the go for a good while, it has been a project that I return to when I am either inbetween makes, or my brain needs a little repetition.   I love the colours, think blues are one of my favourite colour, reminds me of blue skies and the yellow is a bit of sun peeping through the white clouds of fluffiness.

 Ripple blanket

It is not finished as yet, it is my ongoing project, as I want it to be the size of a double bed, so I shall continue the rippling journey.

My next weeks mid-week make was a BED RUNNER. I say this it will be a bed runner and not a blanket, a bed runner!!! I do start with good intentions and then cannot stop my fingers. I love the colours of this and I do love a crocheted cluster or too. 

 Harlequin Blanket

 All being well I will do a another post on this and jot the pattern down too. 

On Wednesday 23rd April 2014, I was and still am in the midst of my Hexi heaven patchwork. I love hexagons both crochet and patchwork. This is going to be a cover for a bolster cushion, I am not following a pattern, "just winging it" as they say. So this is my “proto-type”, hopefully it turns out like the picture in my mind. All shall be revealed shortly on hopefully my ‘Finished Friday’. 


Then on Wednesday 14th May 2014, in the midst of patchwork heaven. I just get passionate with patchwork, I want to make it all. 

These little squares soon to be turned into triangles, were destined to be a cushion. I love this pattern and think that it has great potential as a coverlet or quilt! True to my word on that Friday I had a ‘Finished Friday’ woo hoo. I love it when a plan comes together it makes my Friday feeling the happiest. 

Think that is all for now, I do not want to bombard with too much in my little catch up session. Stay tuned to be continued/ . . . . .

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