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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A bit of home mid-week making . . . . . .

On my work table at home and for my makes in the midst this week, I found a little time to do some hand quilting, after doing some boring old chores.  In fact In my head that day I planned to do some crafting, so it made me do my boring things quicker!

This project has been a lengthy make in the midst, I knew it would as I wanted to make a quilt which was totally handmade, firstly, I English Paper Pieced (EPP) the squares of lovely fabric, which are in lovely shades of blues and creams. 

This quilt is double bed size, in a favourite colour combination of mine,  it has appliqué butterflies which were firstly hand embroidered.   

Then by hand I sewed seed beads to make the trails of the flutterby's shimmer in the light.  Instead of binding I have made a crocheted edging in a mercerised thread, using a 1.75mm hook.    

I am now hand quilting around the butterflies to bring the layers together. A bit cock-eyed way of doing things, but I could not wait to do the crocheting, and I could not decide what design to hand quilt.  I love hand quilting, it is so relaxing, the world is your oyster regarding what design you use, and just stitch away.  I will certainly show once finished.  

Hope you like? 

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