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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Not a crafty one, but very cute!

I don't want to use my blog to dwell on sad things, but about three months ago my beloved little guinea piggy the beautiful Gloria, was called to the big clouds in the sky.  She is as we speak probably sitting on the softest cloud in the sky munching on some lovely green grass!  She was a lovely piggy, with a motherly nature, but was the boss too,  often scalding the younger pigs with a nudge of her twitching nose to place them in order.  I didn't have her for long, she was a rescue piggy who did not have a good start in life. I made sure she spent the remainder of her years munching on green grass and homegrown veggies - running free and squeaking to her little hearts content!  

My beautiful Gloria xx

I was not going to have anymore pigs, I rescued four from Petwelfare in Stafford, including Gloria.  These are my current piggy's;

Betty (the new boss)

Marjorie (an ole gal)

And last but not least the youngest scamp of the pack Marmalade!

So with the loss of my Gloria I decided no more, I get too attached and upset when they leave. However after much contemplating, I decided to add to my menagerie!  So I would like to introduce you to my new additions . . . . 

Peggy and . . . .

Winifred aka Winnie.  

For the past week I have been on "Guinea Pig watch",  as you have to ensure when introducing that no fighting occurs, so I have had a helper! 

Think there has been more watching of Mills.  A few little incidents, but now all is calm as the pecking order has been established.  

I love pinny gigs! xx

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