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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Autumnal Arrangements .. . . . . . . .

Over the past few months, I have been a whirlwind of making. It has been one project following another. Our window display changed to an Autumnal theme. This only lasted a couple of months and it is now time for Christmas! Where does time fly too? 

 Window display 

 For my autumnal theme I went quite traditional, with bursts of colour and little characters galore. I played with ribbon to make an autumnal ribbon garland; 

I also made a funky fox called Derek who is a handsome chappie with a top hat and bow tie, love his colours. 

 He sat in the shop and kept giving the customers the eye. Felt he looked a little lonely, so I made him a “foxyfriend”, Doreen! 

 She is very pretty, with a pretty vintage clip in her hair. I think they make a handsome couple! 

I have become obsessed with autumnal colours, I went on another crochet rambling of round, around and around with a Autumnal giant Mandala, and this became my perfect backdrop! 

Love a perfect edging too. 

There were Pumpkins too and fallen leaves. 

Also a lovely, friend made Hoggly the Hedge pig. 

 Soon enough another Hedge pig joined in the party with the arrival of Mr Hedge.  Think Hoggly is a little shy hiding under the leaves peeping out  wiggling her nose at Hedge!  He is ahandsome devil. 

 We have lots of romancing going on at Miss Millicent. I am sure when the lights go out that things come alive!!! I may leave a note and ask if they will make themselves useful and do some of my making, you never know it may work. 

I am now working on my Christmas display which is due to be put out this week! It is all go with this making malarkey, no moaning, just keep going luckily the weather is becoming colder, perfect to get up to so cozy craftiness. Hope you have a good week and keep crafting xx

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