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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

In the mood for a mood blanket . . . .

For the past year, well the 5th January 2014 to the 5th January 2015 to be precise, I decided to take part in the mood blanket, you may have seen these around on the internet. I found mine on facebook, it is amazing to see where about in the world this reaches.  The internet is a fabulous, amazing place really, even if we often moan about it, well I do!! 

I stumbled across this crochet along and decided to take part, mainly for myself to see if I could stick it out. The main aim of this is to crochet or knit a square or stripe each day of the year, in the colour/style which best reflected your mood on the day. Then by the end of the year, you have a lovely blanket to remind you of your moods throughout the year. Fine in principle, I must admit I really struggled with this; felt bit depressed on the first day, with all the Christmas decorations being taken down so I chose a beige colour, felt a bit giggly on the next day so a bright pink, then I felt happy as the sun was out so yellow and then I became stumped! All this thinking about my mood and colours, I spent more time trying to think of a colour to reflect my mood, than actually crocheting the square. You could start the day happy as Larry and then something happen throughout the day and be as sad as Sid! I admit it, I was overthinking!  So my strategy changed, I went against the grain, I decided to do a, wait for it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MY WAY HAPPINESS BLANKET!!

I was off like a shot, colours flying and flinging in all directions. I crocheted my square according to the colour which made me happy on the day.

I always wanted to do the Sun Burst Granny Square blanket, but never really got around to it so I have changed the pattern slightly to suit me. I can jot down the pattern if anyone wants it. They are really quick and easy to do.  Here is my blanket bursting with happiness.

There was no stopping me I crocheted in the spring . . . . .

summer . . . . . .

autumn . . . . .

and winter. . . . . 

My plan for 2015

I am going to start a “Happiness Blanket Happy Knit/Crochet Along”. The conventional way to do the Mood Blanket is to start on the 1st January and finish on the 1st January of the following year.  I don’t wish to be conventional, I think that we have too much to do over Christmas and New Year, therefore my way gives you a little bit more time. So I am going to commence mine on the 12th January 2015 to complete on the 12th January 2016. I am now ready to begin another, with a glint in ones eye, I think in 2015 it is time for a bit more sexy hexi. If you want to join in, our mission is;

Choose a pattern - this can be either a knitted or crocheted square, shape or stripe. One thing to remember is that if you do a square etc, everyday you will have 365 squares. Of course in my Happiness Blanket Knitty/Crochet Along you can do one every other day, every month if it is a big square of huge stripe. It is up to you, the main thing is that you work on your blanket all year long and it makes you happy. 

THEN choose your yarn in which you are going to do a blanket. I used all my odds from my stash, then bought the cream for the edging. 

THEN happily knit or crochet along in the colour that makes you happy on the day. 

There is nothing finer if you have had a bad day, when nothing goes your way, get yourself off home, make a cup of tea, choose a happy colour that makes you smile, crochet/knit your square it makes you feel happy that you have done something right on that day!! If you are having a good day, then crocheting/knitting your happy coloured square will enhance your happy mood. It is win, win, win. At the end of the year on 12th January 2016, we will all have a ‘Blanket of Huge Happiness’ to snuggle  up with and have a well deserved cup of tea (with a sniff of what you fancy), a biscuit and feel extremely pleased with ourselves in our achievement. You can share it on my facebook page if you wish.  Who is in? 



  1. I'm in. Your blanket is the inspiration xx

    1. Ahh thank you really kind of you. I shall keep you motivated during your blanket xx

  2. I'm in but starting a bit late. Will make up time over the weekend by crocheting 7 shapes (don't know what I am doing yet) to catch up.