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Thursday, 31 July 2014

This weeks mid week makes . . . . . . .

Just a quickie for this weeks mid-week making, I am in the midst of making a mini quilt, with patchwork blocks of tea cups! 

Ohhh I do love a cup of tea, whether it be summer or winter. In the summer it helps cool you down and in the winter there is nothing finer than warming your hands on a cup of tea. I think it does truly have medicinal properties, when you are upset it cheers you up, when things go wrong it makes you feel better, and if you are happy it makes you even more happier!  

My mini make is going to be a four block quilt with pretty tea cups, in reds, pinks and crisp white.  Perfect for in my kitchen at the shop.  

 Hope you like and keep crafty xx.

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