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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mixing a little business with pleasure ....

Rest assured that whilst I have been away, I have been beavering away making, also general busyness with my little boutique!  I like the word boutique makes my little shop sound twee and quirky!   Many of my customers ask me about my home.  I am quite a shy and private person, but thought it may be a good idea to now and then share not only my makes, but also the things that I purchase from myself (when I say this I do really purchase them from myself).  To show them in my home or shop, together with a few of my favourite things too.

Here we go for the personal bit .......... this is a minature tea set from my nan, it is a 'Crown Ducal Gainsborough' set.  I remember it sat on her dresser when I was little, I used to think I could play with it as it was the same size as my tea set.   I think one day she did allow me to, my nan was nice like that, as long as we  were happy she was too.  Even if it was playing with precious china! I think it is a really pretty little thing just love it, the style and colours are so lovely, however, I do not use it  it is too nice and too precious to use.   I would be sooo upset if it was damaged.   The little deer is called Doris the Deer.  It was a gift from my husband, she is quite old.

Tea sets
At the moment, I am busy making for my new window display which has a summertime theme.  I have also been teaching myself quite a few things; lampshade covering and machine embroidery! Its important to learn new things it keeps the mind active and occupied.   Good for the soul too.  

My lampshade covering was quite a task, it took me a fair while to do this such that the stitches were neat, also the fabric taught, this was a multi-task in itself.   I had in my stash some vintage (rather large print) material, which I think is perfect for this little fluted shade.   Then the added touch of bobble trim to give it a vintage but modern twist.   I like vintage with a little modern twist makes for a good combination.

Hope that you like?

Floral fluted lampshade

Then my machine embroidery, for quite a few years I have looked into this; read numerous books and then plucked up the courage to actually do this.   I have done lots of dress making and curtain making in my time.   So I think that if you want to have a go at this you need to be a little proficient at using your machine.   When you let the feed dog down, you are in control and so things are a little bit looser, and you machine seems to have a mind of its own.   I was feeling summery at the time and so these little beach huts seemed the perfect make.

I'm a little beach hut!
   See you soon xx

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