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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Gardening and crafting . . . . . . . .

Thought I would tell you a bit about my garden, I will keep it short with a few photos to hopefully keep the interest! Gardening is one of my many vices,  it's hardwork but the end result is worth it. When you can sit in your garden surrounded by wildlife and lovely blooms, it is worth the work that you put in. Of course it is like anything the more work you put in, the more reward hopefully there is at the end of it. My garden is an 'L' shape and is divided into two parts; one for flowers and a small veg plot at the bottom.  I love all plants but some of my favourites are; Acer's, Lavender, Daisy's, Roses, Ferns, Clematis, Wisteria and herbs to name a few.

I am not an expert at gardening, my husband knows his stuff when it comes to veg, but I am lucky, and do have an on tap 'book of gardening knowledge' i.e. my dad!  He knows everything, which position a plant should be in, what the plant is called, what soil it likes and conditions the plant enjoys, all off the top of his head!  Everything in his garden grows and is stunning.  It's like having Monty  Don whenever I need him!!

Sweet scented rose.




We also grow veg and some fruits. It is really rewarding when you start to pick your produce.  At the moment we have beans, peas, courgettes, sweetcorn, carrots, blueberries, strawberries and black currants. Oh and a fig tree, think that is a fruit?


I would recommend growing your own vegetables to anybody, it is lovely sowing them, nurturing them and then reaping what you sow, they taste delicious! 




I have in my garden a  few well established plants some of which were already planted and some are cuttings from my grandads garden!  I have a smoking tree, which is really unusual the colour is a beautiful rich purple, the flowers look like clouds of smoke, hence the name!!! 






I love to see the wildlife in my garden especially birds, butterfly's and bees, this year it has been really good for bees and butterfly's I have had quite a few!! I do get quite excited about butterfly's they are soooo beautiful! 


With the lovely weather that we have been having of late, this is when 'the rewards come to fruit' as they say, and you can sit and relax in lovely surrounding feeling good that you have helped create it! There is nothing finer on a nice summers evening to sit and enjoy the wonderful aromas and do something you like, like craft!!!! I can sit in the garden until quite late and crochet, it is lovely 'crochet by candlelight'. You should try it, its fun!!

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