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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunnyish Sunday!!

I have had a lovely afternoon, sitting in the garden with my Mum knitting.  There was a little window of sunshine here and we well and truly took advantage of it.  We are currently knitting little dolls for charity.  The pieces are really small and are knit using a 3mm pin.   I am not a knitter, but as with any craft am happy to give it a try.   As you know, I am normally a crocheter.  Now if the pattern was a crochet one, then my fingers are twitching with excitement.      There is nothing more satisfying than opening your pattern for a new make and having all your new wool waiting there to be turned into a wonderful creation..........  Anyway, I am getting far too excited and carried away about the thought of a new project.  Back to my little doll, I have knit her head, body and one arm.  I have to do another arm, two legs and then dress her oh and her hair.  Sure that she will be well worth it in the end so I shall knit on ..... and on ........

I am not a quick knitter, so feel that my little doll will be an ongoing project.   I can't knit and knatter at the same time, though I can crochet and chatter!!  As you can imagine as I can't knit and knatter, there was more knattering than knitting this afternoon.   Oh and a few cups of tea thrown in for good measure.   I am sure that you will agree that there is nothing quite like being in the sunny outdoors, with a little bit of crafting  to set the working week ahead up ......... it must be good for the soul? 

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