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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Where have all the Butterflies gone???

I was thinking today (which can be very dangerous)........................ where have all the butterflies gone?  I absolutely adore butterflys, but have hardly seen any this year.   I suppose it has something to do with the type of weather that we are having, in not so sunny England!  Anyway, it is not summer without butterflys.  A summer without any butterflys makes me feel depressed.  Therefore,  this afternoon I went around my house with Millicent Mavis in tow in search of butterflies.  If anyone feels the same as I do, then here are some pictures of butterflies around my home to hopefully cheer us up!!  There is a crafty link to this, as some of which you will see are some of my makes.

Hand Embroidered and Applique xx

Hand made Applique and Patchwork xx

Beautiful Peacock xx
Lots of Flutterbys .......

Large White
Touch of cross-stitch xx

The Beautiful Gatekeeper
Hand Embroidered wall hanging made by me xx
Miss Millicent Mavis on the sniff for flutterbys sniff snifff xxx
An African Giant

Orange tip
Handmade heart xx
Collection of my butterfly brooches xx

A few more ........................
My trusty and well used needle case !!!
Hope this has cheered you up, it certainly did me and Millicent Mavis :) However it has made me think I need more butterfly items in my home!! What do you think?

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  1. Awesome blog!
    I love butterflies, but I do biscuits, look, if you want.



    Thank you!