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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations and Miss Millicent takes to the road!

Hope that you all enjoyed the Jubilee Celebrations, what a thoroughly British affair it was.   I had a garden party planned, at the ready were buntings galore, cucumber sandwiches, pieces of cake and of course good ole British tea.  Just like your gran used to make.  But it rained and rained and rained ..........  Instead I made a tea cozy fit for a queen especially for my favourite teapot, which I think funnily enough looks like the queens feet pokeing out of the bottom!  hee hee   Hope that you agree?

A cup of tea fit for a queenie xxx

One of my favourite tea pots!

I also decided to take the plunge and do a Jubilee fete selling my makes!!!  It was a low key event with only a hand full of stalls.   Doing your first fete, what a nerve racking event it was, nobody forwarned me about that!   I am sure that you could sympathise with me when I say this, but I didn't eat beforehand, well I didn't eat all day (apart from drinking the odd cup of tea).   It was really busy, I managed to sell a few things and was pleased with my efforts.  Which is what it is all about.    I just hope that I don't get myself as worked up as I did, for my next one.   However, in my defence I just wanted everything perfect and just right!!!!  The only thing that let me down was the British summertime, yes you have guessed it, it rained but that was not to dampen my spirits and it was chin up and show off my makes!!!  I hope that you like my stall?

Miss Millicent on the road!!

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