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Monday, 8 September 2014

The Cheery Cheeky Chevron blanket . . . . . at last!

"At Blooming last" the little voice inside my head says!  A couple of weeks ago I finally finished my 'Cheeky Chevron' blanket, which has been a pick up, put down project for about a year. I like those sorts of projects as you feel like you have climbed a mountain when they are finished, I feel really chuffed with myself too. 

 This project was a constant face in my work in progress bowl! 

Works in progress - January 2014 
Works in progress - June 2014 

One of my favourite colours is duck egg blue, so this was definitely going to be used. I did not want to do all different colours, I wanted a colour scheme for this little beauty.

Sure you would agree that the cheeky chevron blanket definitely lends to a colour scheme. I did not have the sun, sea and sand in my mind when choosing the colour scheme in fact is was quite by accident, as my mission when I started was to use my scraps of wool, which would mean it would be a blanket of multi colours.  Following much pondering, this little colour scheme was born. 

 I love a nice edging, so for me it had to be a bobbly one, and most definitely in sunny yellow.  It reminds me of the sea, sand with the sun poking through fluffy white clouds. 

 Hope you like keep crafting! Xx

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