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Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Busy Weekend and a tip!!!

Another rainy weekend in sunny old England!  Oh well I have been busy designing, crocheting and sewing!!

It is true you learn something new everyday!!  After a few years crocheting, I have today discovered a way around not having to sew all your loose ends in, when you have finished your project.  I don't mind weaving all the ends in but if you have a few colour changes then this can take its time.    Maybe I am the last one to hear about this or maybe it hasn't reached you as yet and this will be news to you.   Well here it is .....

When starting crocheting or changing colour you can hold your loose end and catch this in as you continue to crochet.  Continue to do this until your loose end has disappeared or simply trim it off following a few stitches.      

Hope you find this useful?  Maybe I am the last person to know this?

Oh and before I forget here is my new make!!!!

Personalised Crochet Bunting!!

Hope that you like it available from my Etsy or Folksy Boutique xxx

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